What color is the superbowl logo this year

super bowl logo 2025

super bowl logo 2025

The Super Bowl has already been played for the 2024 season. It’s unlikely there would be any official information about the colors for the 2025 Super Bowl yet, as the participating teams won’t be determined until much later in the year.

However, there is a recent trend regarding the Super Bowl logo colors and potential teams playing in the game. This trend isn’t officially confirmed by the NFL, but fans have noticed a correlation in the past few years.

  • Super Bowl LVI (2022) had an orange and yellow logo, and the teams that played were the Cincinnati Bengals (orange) and Los Angeles Rams (yellow).
  • Super Bowl LVII (2023) had a green and red logo, and the teams were the Philadelphia Eagles (green) and Kansas City Chiefs (red).
  • Super Bowl LVIII (2024) featured a red and purple logo, and the competing teams were the Kansas City Chiefs (red) and San Francisco 49ers (purple).

Following this trend, some fans might speculate about the teams playing in the 2025 Super Bowl based on the colors chosen for the upcoming logo reveal. However, it’s important to remember this is just a fan theory and not an official confirmation from the NFL.

For the most up-to-date information on the Super Bowl LIX colors and participating teams, you’ll need to wait until closer to the game itself, likely sometime in early 2025.

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