Mbaape Transfers to Real Madrid

mbaape to madrid

Real Madrid today announced the transfer of Champion Player of France Kylian Mbappe from PSG to Real Madrid.

Mbaape also shared the information regarding Transfer via Instagram post .

The Transfer of Mbaape to RealMadrid was in news from quite a long time during these last 1 to 2 months.Today it was confirmed by Mbappe and Real Madrid both.

Mbaape Transfer News

This news is a breakthrough for football fans across globe.

This transfer is a free transfer with a contract of 5 years time.

But Mbappe is set to get 125M € signing bonus while he is transferred.

Mbaape to Madrid 

In his instagram post Mbaape shared recently he expressed his excitement and dream come true to be a part of Real Madrid.

He says it is hs dream comd true as he gets to play for Real Madrid and shared pictures of his childhood wearing Real Madrid hoodies and jackets and also Shared a picture of his younger self with Ronaldo the GOAT.

Here are the pictures.

Younger Mbaape With Ronaldo



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